Monday Monologue 10/28/19 #1

Students perform the musical play "Chasing George Washington" in Parks Library as part of a Monday Monologue on Oct. 28.

Poetry readings are set to provide “vivid imagery” at this week’s Monday Monologues.

The Monday Monologue for this week is "The World Made New," which are poetry readings by students that are curated by Deb Marquart, distinguished professor for English and the Iowa Poet Laureate.

“Deb Marquart is in the MFA creative writing and the environment program and she actually did a Monday Monologue where she did some singing and poetry last January,” said Susan Jasper, program coordinator for Parks Library. “This semester she has a poetry class, so she has been working with her students to choose some of their original work to read."

Each Monday Monologue performance go from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. Everyone is welcome to stop in for as long as they can. Lunch is available for purchase in the Bookends Café.

“Depending on how long their pieces are, Deb might also do some readings to make it a half hour performance,” Jasper said. “That is a bonus, because she is the Iowa Poet Laureate.”

Marquart’s poetry students will demonstrate how the act of writing poetry involves work such as remembering, digging, observing, exploring, describing and imagining, according to the event website. Attendees will be able to hear how the poems offer imagery and new ways of seeing and knowing.

“Deb chose a date later in the semester because she wanted to give her students more time to work and write,” Jasper said. “We don’t want to overlap with dead week and finals so this is a nice time to wrap things up for this semester. I have really felt that the selections this semester were interesting and on a broad range of topics, which just reflects how many wonderful performers and faculty we have on campus.”

Jasper said she is already thinking about next semester and is looking to include dance as part of the Monday Monologue performances.

“While [dance] is not technically spoken word or word related it can feel very communicative so I am excited to try a new medium in the space,” Jasper said.

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