People to People Career Fair

Holly Sumner, then-junior in child, adult and family services, was one of many students who visited Iowa State's People to People Career Fair in 2017. The fair took place from noon to 6 p.m. Feb. 8, 2017, in Scheman.

About 121 organizations are registered for the People to People Fall 2019 Career Fair from noon to 5 p.m. Wednesday in the Scheman building.

The People to People Career Fair, hosted by the College of Human Sciences and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, will have companies and professional schools for students to network with.

Amanda Schickel, program coordinator for Human Sciences Student Services, said the People to People Career Fair focuses on the social and human services field as well as health and wellness, government, hospitality and event management.

"Of course there are the businesses there that many of them are recruiting for jobs and internships,” Schickel said. “But in addition to that it's just a great opportunity for students to network, to build those professional communication skills; they can start to learn what opportunities are out there, what employers often come to Iowa State to recruit students."

Students can speak with potential employers about what their company is looking for even if the student isn’t actively looking for an internship or job position. Speaking with the potential employers can help the students to make themselves more marketable to companies.

Students can access information about the organizations and view a map of where everything is located on the “Fairs” tab in the menu of the MyState app.

There will also be laptops available for students to do some research before speaking with a potential employer or to apply for a position they just spoke to a company about.

"I would also encourage [students] to bring copies of their resumes so they can share those with employers,” Schickel said. “And if they've done any research in advance they can bring notes on the employers they want to talk to or professional schools they want to talk to."

Students do not need to register for the fair beforehand, but do need to bring their student ID to check in and receive a printed name tag.

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