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International students have access to the information and resources of the International Students and Scholars Office in-person and virtually. 

As Iowa State’s campus reopens, the university has put safety guidelines in place to protect students and faculty during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected how students and faculty can access different resources on campus. 

The International Students and Scholars Office is located on the third floor of the Memorial Union. It is open via the Memorial Union guidelines

These guidelines consist of practices such as wearing a mask, maintaining 6 feet distance from others, use of provided sanitization and following signs that are posted around the building. Rooms will be held at a 50 percent occupancy, and the janitorial staff will be following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's sanitation guidelines to clean and disinfect the building. 

These guidelines apply to the rules and regulations of the International Students and Scholars Office and how it will function on a daily basis. 

Brendan O’Brien, the director of the International Students and Scholars Office, explained that their office is available for those who need it.

We are available for in-person meetings if needed,” O’Brien said. “We make an attempt to do most of our business virtually to reduce the risk of COVID spread.”

O’Brien also said that students and faculty can find more information and resources on their website

O’Brien said students should know that the International Students and Scholars Office is available for students in need of their services, especially during this pressing time. 

“The mission of the International Students and Scholars Office is to provide immigration services, personal support and cross-cultural expertise within a welcoming and supportive environment for international students and scholars throughout their university experience,” O’Brien said. “We will continue to provide this support even during a time of pandemic. Some of our programming has been moved online, but we will continue to try and assist international students with whatever they need.”  

O’Brien also said that for students who are trying to navigate through resources at this time that the staff is accessible for students, and no one should be hesitant to reach out. 

“We want to help,” O’Brien said. “And don’t forget to wear your face covering.”

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