Salary and Offer Negotiation Workshop

The "Salary and Offer Negotiation Workshop" will teach salary negotiation to students looking for full-time jobs or internships.

The “Salary and Offer Negotiation Workshop,” hosted by Iowa State’s College of Human Sciences Career Services department, will discuss aspects of negotiating salaries for students when applying for jobs and internships Thursday.

The workshop will be 4:10 to 5 p.m. in LeBaron Conference Room 1009.

Amanda Schickel, recruiting and career coordinator for the College of Human Sciences Student Services, will be leading Thursday’s workshop.

“It’ll be presentation-style to some extent,” Schickel said. “I do want to incorporate a role-play activity where students have the opportunity to practice some of the things that they’ve learned and some of the language we’ll talk about in the workshop.”

Schickel said research has shown employers are willing to negotiate salaries during the hiring process.

“If our students don’t know how to [negotiate salary] or are uncomfortable with that concept or are or aren’t interested in that topic, they might be leaving money on the table,” Schickel said.

Schickel said this workshop is not necessarily aimed solely at juniors and seniors who will be looking for full-time jobs in the near future, but also freshman and sophomore students who will be looking for paid internships and want to consider negotiating salary when doing so.

“The more that students learn about it, get to hear about it, [...] practice that language and some of those situations that they might be in will hopefully help them to feel more comfortable when it does become time to negotiate,” Schickel said.

Any student who already has a job offer and is interested in salary negotiation can schedule an appointment with the career services center of their college to discuss salary negotiations in a more case-specific setting, Schickel said. 

There is no registration needed for the workshop, but Schickel recommends attendees bring note-taking materials.

The workshop is aimed at students in the College of Human Sciences, but all Iowa State students are able to attend.

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