Reiman Gardens Theme 2020

“Wild and Whimsical” is Reiman Gardens’ 2020 theme and one of the main exhibits of the year is the “Nature Connects: Art with LEGO® Bricks.”

Every year, Reiman Gardens chooses a new theme and this year it is packed with exhibits.

“Wild and Whimsical” is the 2020 theme for Reiman Gardens, which includes a wide variety of things from LEGOs to human-sized frogs.

Each year, Reiman Gardens creates a new theme that is featured in its horticultural displays, educational programs, events and even in products in the Gift Shop. The entire garden emphasizes the new theme so guests can visit again and again to see something new in the ever-changing displays.

“With back-to-back exhibits, a significant new garden space, and a big anniversary, 2020 is going to be wild at Reiman Gardens,” according to the Reiman Gardens website. “Join us in celebrating all things wild and whimsical, from fairy magic in the Conservatory to riotous tulips everywhere, from gardens full of feral creatures and fanciful frogs to winter nights with festive trains and fantastical lights, there will be much to explore in every season.”

One of the first exhibits to kick off the year is the “Magical Fairy Woodland,” which opened on Jan. 11 in the Hughes Conservatory.

At the start of this wild and whimsical year, Reiman Gardens is “hosting magical friends from across the globe” with a fairy woodland in the Hughes Conservatory.

“Explore this delightful realm of tiny plants, imagination and wonder to discover fairy secrets, including how fairies rely on small animals, adapt like plants, inspire innovation in humans, and even travel the world,” according to the Reiman Gardens website. “The pastel hues and small scale of the blooms create a fairy-friendly atmosphere that is sure to delight wee folk of all kinds.”

The Hughes Conservatory is a glasshouse connected to the main building which features a tropical collection of colorful and rare plants among seasonal, artistic creations that interpret garden themes.

For the first time, Reiman Gardens will host two different exhibits during the course of one year.

The first exhibit, “Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks,” will take over the garden from May 16 to July 5.

“In our changing world, some of the earth’s most spectacular creatures are under threat,” according to the Reiman Gardens website. “The latest and last series of ‘Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks,’ includes sculptures constructed entirely of LEGO bricks bringing us life-size-and-larger forms of species that are threatened, endangered, and even extinct. You will come to see these beings anew and learn how we can appreciate and preserve them before it is too late.”

The second exhibit, “Ribbit the Exhibit,” will take over the garden from July 8 to Oct. 4.

“Captivating and whimsical, this collection of human-scale frog sculptures is sure to make you smile,” according to the Reiman Gardens website. “Artist J.A. Cobb crafted the pieces from copper and gave each one personality and interests that just might reflect your own. Explore the Gardens to discover each enchanting vignette, including frogs modeling the Grant Wood classic, ‘American Gothic.’”

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