No Re-Choir-Ment, a mixed a cappella group, practices for its “Carol With Us” concert on Thursday.

A student organization is now going to be performing its first ever concert.

No Re-Choir-Ment, a mixed a cappella group, will be performing its “Carol With Us” concert at 7 p.m. Friday in room 1302 of the Advanced Teaching and Research Building.

"We decided we were going to do a holiday event because we thought it would be a good break because finals are coming up, and it would be a good opportunity to show Iowa State what our group is," said Dani Jarosz, sophomore in communications studies and president of No Re-Choir-Ment.

There will be food, drinks and a raffle as well as performances by the organization’s three brand-new ensembles: Vox Co, Decibelles and One Note Stand.

“Come celebrate the holiday season with No Re-Choir-Ment,” according to the No Re-Choir-Ment student organization page. “Each of our three groups will sing a festive song to celebrate the season. We will also be raffling off some fun prizes. There will be some awesome food as well. Please bring your friends to get festive with us.”

No Re-Choir-Ment is a mixed a cappella group for students who are interested in singing in a collegiate a cappella ensemble but do not have time to add both a cappella and choir to their schedules. The organization is not associated with the choir department and is a more "laid back" alternative to traditional choir at Iowa State.

"In high school, I did a lot of a capella, and at my high school when you auditioned for an a capella group, that was your choir," Jarosz said. "It replaced your time in choir, so it wasn't so crazy time commitment. I really liked that option, and it allowed me to focus on something I enjoyed a lot. Coming to Iowa State, if you want to do a capella you have to take choir as well."

Adding a capella and choir on top of some people's schedules was not an option, so Jarosz decided to make something new.

"I was like, 'You know what? It's time for something different,'" Jarosz said. "I made a poll on Facebook and asked a bunch of students if they would be interested in it, and there were about 20 people who were super gung ho about it."

Membership for the group is determined through an audition process at the beginning of each semester. Each member is considered equally, and there are no restrictions.

"The idea is we meet once a week for an hour and a half, and we take as many people as necessary to complete the groups," Jarosz said. "We have three different groups right now, and if we get more people, we will add more groups, and if we lose people, we will condense groups. We are all-inclusive and incredibly flexible to anybody who is interested in auditioning to be a part of this club. We don't cut people; if you want to do it, we will let you do it because everyone deserves that opportunity."

No Re-Choir-Ment meets once a week from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays to rehearse and discuss organizational matters. The time commitment is minimal and flexible to all members, and dates and times depend on which ensemble a member is in.

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