Coming Out Stories 2020

National Coming Out Day/Week is a time for LGBTQIA+ people to come out and share their identities openly. 

Hollie Wilson, a junior in psychology. 


I left a note in my mom’s book in 9th grade saying, “I’m gay, please don't tell my stepdad."

I was terrified they would kick me out, but someone at school was harassing me for being a lesbian and slashed my tires, and I had to tell my parents what was going on before the school did.

My mom got the note while I was at school and sent me a text that said, “I love you no matter what." At first, she thought it was a phase and I was just “confused," but over time, she accepted my sexuality and is now a huge ally.

Her biggest problem with me now is that I’m 26 and still single. My brother, on the other hand, told me he already knew, that he has always known and was just waiting for me to bring it up. I got lucky.

These coming out stories were put together by the diversity news editor, Madison Mason. If you or someone you know would like to submit your coming out story, then reach out to Madison Mason at or submit your story here.

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