Women's and Gender Studies Conference

Ann Oberhauser, director of Women's and Gender Studies, welcomes everyone to the 2019 Transforming Gender and Society Conference organized by the ISU Women's and Gender Studies Program held April 6, 2019, in the Memorial Union. The conference touched on topics such as gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity and age with people gathering from various colleges to speak and attend.

Proposal submissions for the fifth annual Transforming Gender and Society Conference is now open to students.

The Transforming Gender and Society Student Conference will take place April 4 in the Memorial Union.

The conference is an event where undergraduate and graduate students from Iowa State and other universities may present their original research, creative work and other projects pertaining to women’s, gender and sexuality studies.

Student presenters must submit their proposal by March 12 at midnight. Students are required to ask a faculty member to sponsor their presentation. Acceptance is based not only on the basis of conference organizers but faculty approval as well. Faculty sponsors are not required to be with presenters at the event, but they are still welcomed.

Student presenters should allot roughly 10 to 15 minutes for their presentation.

“This is usually the equivalent of six to eight double-spaced pages,” according to the Women’s and Gender Studies Program’s website. “Panels will have three to four panelists each, which will allow time for questions and discussion within the 75-minute sessions.”

Presenters are asked to upload their PowerPoint presentation to the event’s CyBox folder. This is also located on the program’s website. PowerPoints must be submitted before or on March 27.

Projects and papers written for classes are allowed at the event. However, it is encouraged for presenters to submit original and creative academic work.

Attendance and participation is free to all for this conference. However, attendees must also register online ahead of time as a non-presenter and provide dietary and accessibility information to allow space and food for all who attend. The application for non-presenters is due by March 27.

This event is hosted by the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Iowa State. It is also sponsored by the Women in Science and Engineering program, Iowa State College of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

For more information, visit https://womensstudies.las.iastate.edu/tgs/ or email wgsconference@iastate.edu.

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