Items of clothing from the Business Attire Pop-Up Shop on Sept. 12, 2018. The event was created out of concerns students had about not having funding for business outfits to wear to interviews, business fairs and internships.

A pop-up shop for business attire will show up in LeBaron Hall this week.

When moving into a dorm or apartment in campus, a lot of students make sure to bring the essentials of clothes, bedsheets, bathroom supplies, a TV, maybe a fridge and some other stuff. But not everyone is able to bring or purchase business attire for job interviews or career fairs.

Not everyone can expect to impress their future boss with only their resume; that’s why students are advised to dress up professionally to make a good first impression for their potential employers, especially with the upcoming career fairs.

Luckily, the Business Attire Pop-up Shop is here.

Whether students need shoes, a belt, a dress shirt or other business attire, the shop will be open to all Iowa State students that need to prepare for any upcoming event. The clothes and accessories are free, and students can grab as much as they need to feel confident in their interviews.

Iowa State Staff and alumni donated their lightly-used attire to this event for students that need it.

“The idea of this event came up from a conversation with students that were interested in attending the career fair but didn’t feel confident about it because they didn’t have the clothes for the occasion,” said Carmen Flagge, director of Multicultural Student Success. “We knew some of the staff had extra clothes that they didn’t use, so we asked if they would donate it. Then we did this event one night, and the students that came gave a positive response. We have been doing this ever since.”

Students can attend the event for free from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday in LeBaron Hall 1009.

This event is hosted by the Directors of Multicultural Student Success and funded by Student Government. Flagge and the directors from each of the other colleges work together to make this event successful.

“We want to provide a comfortable place close to students [...] a nice atmosphere for them to feel confident,” Flagge said.

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