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Ames City Council conducting business Jan. 14, 2020.

The Ames City Council will meet Tuesday to discuss several different topics such as approving a motion for this year's budget, discussing the composition of the Ames Climate Action Planning Community Input Task Force and discussing the Urban Revitalization Area Annual Report.

First on the agenda is to approve the budget that has been proposed for the 2021-22 fiscal year. The budget has already been discussed during past meetings and this is a way to finalize their decisions.

The City Council will also discuss the composition of the Ames Climate Action Planning Community Input Task Force. The Task Force will be responsible for providing feedback and input at appropriate stages of goal setting as well as supplementing the citywide citizen input process. In order to do this, the Ames City Council will discuss the makeup of the task force. 

The makeup of the task force proposed that business (retail, commercial and industrial) has three representatives, building contractors/developers have two representatives, residential has three representatives, faith-based organizations have two representatives, civic/nonprofit organizations have three representatives, community schools (Ames, Gilbert and private schools) have three representatives, non-city government agency has two representatives, Iowa State University Student Government has one representative, Iowa State University Facilities Planning and Management has one representative and other (residents who historically have not participated in city policy issues) has two representatives.

Also up for discussion is the Urban Revitalization Area Annual Report. This is the granting of tax exemption for the increased valuation of a property for projects that meet the criteria of each URA’s Urban Revitalization Plan. This resolution, if passed, will approve requests for tax exemptions for 415 Stanton, Unit 211; 415 Stanton, Unit 316; 138 Gray Ave.; 311 Ash Ave.; 1810 SE 16th St. 

The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. Tuesday. There are several different ways to watch the meeting such as attending the Zoom meeting or watching the livestream on YouTube or the Ames website as well as watching it on Mediacom’s channel 12.

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J. T.

Geez, Ames Climate Action Planning Community Input Task Force, thats quite a name, but all I read from it is 'Do nothings'

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