AccessPlus u-bill

Every payment an enrolled student makes to the university is on the U-Bill, from tuition to housing to required class materials. The U-Bill is issued on the first of every month and is due by the 20th.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on income, the university is making an exception to placing holds on U-Bills and students will not be prevented from registering for future terms.

Holds are typically placed on U-Bills if the tuition is not paid for the current term the student is enrolled in. A hold means students are not able to register or make schedule changes for classes in the upcoming term until the balance is paid.

Tammy Hansen, program manager and associate director at the Accounts Receivables Office, encourages students to contact the Accounts Receivables Office for questions regarding U-Bill payments.

Hansen said the Accounts Receivables Office is asking students to be in communication so plans can be put in place and student situations can be understood.

“We are also not assessing late fees for the current month, so those who are not able to pay in the situation we are in, we are not charging them anything extra,” Hansen said. “As far as fees, we will not be placing holds on students accounts at the end of the month like a normal process. Holds will not be placed to prevent students from registering for the next term.”

The Accounts Receivables Office can help students get in touch with financial aid or help them find other resources to connect with.

“This continues to be an evolving environment and we are continuing to look at the down-stream impacts and what that entails,” Hansen said. “This is where we are at right now to address the situation at hand as it is today.”

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