Stugov Sept. 22

Iowa State Student Government President Julia Campbell discussed StuGov's trip to Texas to meet with other university student governments in the Big 12 during the Sept. 22 meeting at the Memorial Union.

The Student Government will introduce a bill to fund $12,000 to Student Helping Our Peers (SHOP), a student-run food pantry that helps fight food insecurity in the community. 

SHOP is run by volunteers and acquires all of its food through donations. It brings volunteer opportunities to students, faculty, clubs and other community members.

Their mission is to engage with anti-hunger advocates and serve the student population by increasing hunger awareness and food security, according to Iowa State’s Student Organization database.

The Student Government will vote to fund the Iowa State Cycling Club $130 to register for an event held in Iowa City, Iowa.

The Cycling Club is a club for all. They participate in the North Central Collegiate Conference and practice racing each other as well as going on group rides, according to Iowa State’s Student Organization database.

To improve accessibility to their presidential and vice-presidential debates, the Student Government will introduce a bill to fund a sign language interpreter to attend the debates.

The Student Government will also vote on a bill to adjust the responsibilities of senators and cabinet members among the student government.

This legislation proposed by United Residents of Off-Campus Sen. Daniel Hayes, a senior in political science, would amend a section into the Student Government’s bylaws. 

This section is an addition to a bylaw requiring the Student Government members to participate in two hours of outreach per semester. The new amendment would expand what events and outreach events they can attend for these requirements.

The Student Government will vote to fund Iowa State’s Cardinal Eats magazine $3,000 for publication and printing costs.

This magazine portrays food through photography, journalism, marketing and events with the purpose of building a community through the love of food.

The Student Government will vote to confirm the nomination of Khushi Patel, a freshman majoring in pre-business, as a Residence Hall Senator for the Inter-Residence Hall Association constituency.

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