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Alex Krumm, Student Government adviser, posted a photo of himself in 2015 that features himself with his face painted black. The post has since been taken down from his page.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article previously incorrectly stated that Senior Vice President of Student Affairs Martino Harmon said the situation was an internal matter. He said the situation was a personnel matter. The error is now corrected. The Daily regrets this error.

Iowa State Student Government Adviser Alex Krumm recently took down a photo from his Instagram page that shows his face painted black.

The photo was posted March 29, 2015, with the caption “#throwbacksunday? Mime at Wartburg in 2008? I think was ‘08 anyway…”

During his time enrolled at Wartburg College, Krumm participated in a production of "The Wartburg Mime" where he painted his face a variety of colors, including black.

"The Wartburg Mime" is a play that "depicts stories from the bible, many centering around Jesus and his life," according to the 2009 Wartburg College Yearbook.

In 2009, Wartburg College's yearbook featured a section titled “Mime” that featured multiple performers including Krumm, who had yellow, green, blue and red paint on his face in a photo.

“Although no words were spoken, the actions spoke a powerful message,” according to the 2009 Wartburg College Yearbook. “Many audience members felt that the silence made each movement more meaningful.”

Wartburg Yearbook page

Student Government Adviser Alex Krumm was photographed while participating in the Wartburg Mime production. Photos of him with yellow, green, red and blue paint on his face can be found in the 2009 Wartburg College yearbook.

Krumm has not responded to a request for comment about the situation. 

Student Government President Austin Graber said the matter is out of his control and cannot comment.

Senior Vice President of Student Affairs Martino Harmon said the situation was a personnel matter and he cannot comment. 

Dean of Students Vernon Hurte was out of the office and could not respond to a request for comment.

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Bethany Hanks

Blackface: used to refer to the practice of wearing makeup to imitate the appearance of a black person.

Krumm had his face painted black, he was not wearing "blackface," as he was NOT representing black people. The article even states people had their faces painted a variety of different colors.



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