Thielen (Updated 9/28/20)

Thielen Student Health Center.

During Iowa State’s 12th week of classes, nearly 400 individuals tested positive for COVID-19. This number is second only to the number of cases reported after "801 Day" during the second week of classes.

The university reported 366 new cases, bringing Iowa State’s total number of cases to 2,322. 

Iowa State has experienced a rise in cases over the last few weeks following the reopening of Story County bars and “Halloweekend.” 

Cases and hospitalizations all over the state of Iowa and the country have also risen in the last few weeks.

The week’s positivity rate was also high, with 15.11 percent of tested students testing positive for COVID-19.

The overall positivity rate of on-campus testing, not including move-in testing, has also risen from 9.7 percent the previous week to be 10.5 percent. 

Of those that tested positive last week, 344 were students, 20 were staff members and two were faculty members.

There are 399 students reported to currently be in active isolation. Since Oct. 26, there have been 200 students in quarantine. Around 23 percent of those students in quarantine ended up testing positive for the coronavirus.

There are 23 on-campus isolation and 18 on-campus quarantine rooms currently in use. 

No hospitalizations of campus community members have been reported to Iowa State, but individuals are not required to report hospitalizations due to privacy laws.

Iowa State will continue to update COVID-19 data on its COVID-19 dashboard.

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