Spring 2012 Freshmen and Transfer Students Orientation

Cyclone Aides Kate Klavon (left) and Ali Vandermyde (right) sort out name tags for the new students to wear at the transfer student and incoming freshmen orientation on Jan. 6, 2012.

Iowa State is celebrating National Transfer Student Week for the first time Oct. 21 through 25. To start the week, there will be a kickoff event 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Monday in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.

The event has been annually organized by the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (NISTS.) It is designed to recognize and support transfer students in their transition between institutions.

Kelly Friesleben is the associate registrar of transfer pathways and student success. After attending conferences through NISTS, Friesleben has been in the process of bringing National Student Transfer Week to Iowa State.

“[NISTS’s] focus is all things transfer from the start of their first institution all the way to their transfer institution to their graduating and beyond,” Friesleben said.

Similarly to NISTS’s purpose, Friesleben, as well as many other staff of Iowa State, are concerned with the transition transfer students face when they arrive to Iowa State’s campus. Friesleben's job defines needs for transfer students and ways to help improve their experience.

“It’s really that focus on how do we assist students who want to transfer to the institution,” Friesleben said. “And then once they are here, how do we make sure they’re successful in meeting their educational goals.”

The kickoff event will be a chance for students  to meet other transfer students, receive guidance in their college transition and eat some rice krispie treats.

“We want to make sure that our transfer students — especially if they are new this semester — could get connected with resources across campus,” Friesleben said.

These resources are services provided on campus at places like the Academic Success Center, Student Health and Wellness, Student Loan Education Office and more.

In the days to follow, Iowa State’s colleges will have their own smaller events for transfer students to take part in.

“This is hopefully a start to recognizing this on an annual basis and that we can continue the conversation about our transfer students on campus,” Friesleben said. “This is the very first year. It’s a brand new thing, never happened before.”

For more information, students can go to the Transfer Students page of the Iowa State website to locate resources and event times.

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