monday monologues climate change 2

During the first Monday Monologue of the semester, cast members from "Climate Change Theatre Action: Lighting the Way" acted as hurricanes from the five categories and described their destructive powers Sept. 30 in Parks Library.

The ISU Opera Studio will present a lively take on the story of Cinderella through excerpts from Pauline Viardot’s “Cendrillon” during this week’s Monday Monologue.

The excerpts are directed by Chad Sonka, assistant teaching professor for the music and theatre department, and Jodi Goble, associate teaching professor for the music and theatre department.

The music of “Cendrillon” is written by Pauline Viardot, a French mezzo-soprano singer and female composer. Her work is performed as part of Iowa State’s HERoic theater season, which celebrates women writers and composers.

Susan Jasper, program coordinator for the Parks Library, said the department has had previous involvement with Monday Monologues.

"We [have] had the theater department do selections from Godspell, and it was so beautiful, and the library space, [...] it has echo and a fullness, and it just was really joyful,” Jasper said.

Jasper said the ISU Opera Studio is excited to highlight selections from their fall performance that will take place at Fisher Theater on Nov. 15 and 16.

"I think part of the appeal of doing a preview of their show is that a lot of college students may not have actually ever been to an opera, and it isn't as inaccessible as one might think, and so by having an opportunity to perform a few of the songs [...] they get to highlight it, and get people excited about it, just make it seem like opera [...] is still really pertinent and entertaining to everyone in 2019,” Jasper said.

The Monday Monologue will take place from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. Monday in the Grant Wood Foyer in Parks Library.

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