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Iowa State is holding the Memorial Union Medallion Hunt until Nov. 20. 

Iowa State announced last week that it would be holding “The Great Iowa State MU Medallion Hunt.”

The event began Oct. 23 and will continue until Nov. 20. Clues will be released. Individuals that find the medallion first or find six out of the eight total medallions will win a prize.

Once a clue is posted, the medallion will be hidden for three to four days. Eight total medallions will be hidden over the course of the next four weeks. All medallions will be hidden in the Memorial Union in a public area.

Anyone is able to participate. Those who find medallions will also be entered to win a grand prize. The grand prize will be given out after the event ends Nov. 20, the Friday of Prep Week.

There are only three rules to the medallion hunt.

First, individuals who find medallions will only be able to win a prize and be entered for the grand prize once.

Second, hunters are not allowed to go anywhere that isn’t a public area (no offices, back hallways, maintenance and custodial areas, etc.)

The final rule states that medallions must be left where they are found. To report the medallion as ‘“found,” take a picture of the medallion and email it along with your name and contact information to

Even if you aren’t the first to find a medallion, you will still be entered in the grand prize drawing if you locate six out of eight.

Some medallions will also have information about discounts.

medallion hunt 2020

Gold medallions will be hidden in the Memorial Union over the next four weeks.

The medallion is 1.5 inches across and is gold on one side and black on the other. It has an engraving of three chess pieces.


"This is the first clue

There is a lot of pressure

Luckily at the MU

There is space for some leisure

Come down to a place

Where there is much to do

Past the soft red surface

You should walk on through

Wander to the back

By a man of great knowing

Let your arms rest

Relax in the glowing

Look high and look low

Look up and look down

Look left and look right

Take a seat and look around

Where am I?"

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