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An Iowa State English professor made changes to the course syllabus to match the university policy.

Iowa State English assistant professor Chloe Clark released a syllabus that threatened to dismiss students who intentionally engage in “instances of othering.”

This was listed in the syllabus as racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, sorophobia, classism, body shaming and mocking of mental health issues. Also included were political views against Black Lives Matter, abortion and gay marriage.

Clark’s English class was in conjunction with a women's and gender studies class, but was intended to instruct students in written, oral, visual and electronic communication.

Clark was not available for comment, but wrote in her syllabus, “I take this seriously.”

The university released a statement saying, “The syllabus statement as written was inconsistent with the university’s standards and its commitment to the First Amendment rights of students.

After reviewing this issue with the faculty member, the syllabus has been corrected to ensure it is consistent with university policy. Moreover, the faculty member is being provided additional information regarding the First Amendment policies of the University.

Iowa State is firmly committed to protecting the First Amendment rights of its students, faculty and staff. With respect to student expression in the classroom, including the completion of assignments, the university does not take disciplinary action against students based on the content or viewpoints expressed in their speech.”

The syllabus was sent by an anonymous student in Clark’s class to the Young America’s Foundation, a conservative youth organization, and their article has since gained traction on major networks such as Fox News.

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Jason Karimi

If we were Democrats, we could burn Chloe Clark's house, assault her in her classroom, and harass her and break the law, and not get arrested. Since we're not Democrats, we have to follow the law. Get this female dog fired, or ran over by a car by "accident," and get her violent, murdering clown face out of the classroom to stop teaching students that violence is ok if you're the one doing it. I was only kidding about the car thing. Make it a bus, since this is a politician, and not a teacher.

Jason Karimi

Does Chloe Clark have any family we can target? Democrat Congresswoman Maxine what's her name tells us to follow these people to restaurants and make their life heck. Anyone want to make Chloe Clark's life heck?

I don't. I just want a lawsuit. If that doesn't happen, then we can make her life heck through whatever legal means necessary.

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