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Dr. Lisa K. Son is a professor of psychology at Barnard College and Columbia University and she specializes in human learning and memory and metacognition.

A psychology professor from Barnard College will talk in an online forum Thursday to discuss the cost of activism in the Asian community and the impact of anti-Asian hate.

According to the Iowa State lecture series website, Lisa K. Son, professor of psychology at Barnard College and Columbia University, specializes in human learning and memory and metacognition.

Son was invited by the newly founded Chinese Faculty and Staff Association (CFSA). A member of the CSFA, Hui Feng, an associate professor in marketing, said Son has recently become active in the movement against anti-Asian racism and has contributed to rallies and various other activist activities.

Son’s research focuses on how accurately people know the “self” and on the optimization of long-term retention. Her book, "The Science of Metacognition," has begun to raise awareness of the illusions that occur during learning and how to increase performance, the Iowa State lecture series website said.

“She's really an expert and a popular speaker in the movement against anti-Asian racism,” Feng said. “She will share her personal experience and perspective as an Asian American.”

Feng said the lecture is important because it will be discussing the recent spouts of anti-Asian hate and how it has affected the Asian and Asian American community.

“I think it's important to make people more aware of the increasing anti-Asian racism incidents and the importance of raising voice,” Feng said. “This talk is on the cost of activism, where Son, as a psychology professor, will analyze Asian Americans' dilemma in attending activism and raising voice.”

Feng said this lecture would bring awareness to the Asian experience in activism and help better understand Asian culture.

“I think people should go because, in the past, many Asians and Asian Americans shy away from activism and are often seen as invisible in activism," Feng said. "We need more conversations and education to enhance mutual understanding of various cultures in the U.S."

Feng urged individuals interested in learning more about the Asian American perspective in activism to attend the lecture.

“I think for people who are interested in Asian American history and culture, it will be interesting for them to hear her personal experience and insights on the cost of activism,” Feng said.

The lecture will be held at 5 p.m. Thursday via Webex. Individuals who want to attend the lecture can use this link to join.

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