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The Iowa State chapter of the national marijuana reform organization NORML placed a billboard in Des Moines to garner support for the legalization of weed. 

An Iowa State club is currently collecting signatures for a campaign supporting legalizing recreational marijuana in Iowa.  

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Chapter at ISU hopes to collect 10,000 signatures for the letter to be sent to Iowa legislators. 

Anyone can sign the letter at www.legalizeiowaletter2021.com. The campaign has already collected more than 3,700 signatures. 

“All Iowa residents can share their voice quickly and easily through our simple website,” said Blake Clark, president of NORML ISU. “Most importantly, voting for state legislators who support this cause will lead to the cannabis law reform we need.”

NORML ISU also sponsored a billboard along the I-235 highway in Des Moines to promote the petition. 

The billboard will be displayed until Sunday to help collect signatures for the campaign. 

Josh Montgomery, outreach coordinator for NORML ISU, said Iowa State students interested in marijuana reform are invited to join the club.

“All students interested in helping to change Iowa marijuana laws can join our club by visiting us at ClubFest or by visiting our website,” Montgomery said.

The club’s first meeting is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 22.

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Josh Montgomery

Great article, Molly! Legalize it!

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