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Spring is in full force on the Iowa State University campus on April 25.

The age old question has been answered. Iowa State is the best college in Iowa, according to a Time MONEY.

Time MONEY rated Iowa State 375 out of more than 700 nationally ranked colleges and universities. The study also ranked degrees from Iowa State within the top 10 most affordable in the country.

The study pointed to agriculture and science as a few of the reasons why Iowa State was ranked higher than other Iowa colleges.

“Iowa State University, which sits 30 miles north of Des Moines, has an excellent agricultural college, as you might expect,” according to MONEY’s website. “But the math and science departments are also among the best at any state university.”

More specifically, the study pointed to Iowa State’s pioneering in virtual reality calling the university a “leader” in the field. It also praised the research center at the university devoted to virtual reality.

As far as affordability is concerned, MONEY said Iowa State has high ratings in scholarship opportunities and financial aid. Students in need of grants get them at a rate of 97 percent and on average 79 percent of that financial need was met, according to the study.

With its relative affordability compared to other universities, Iowa State is able to match and even surpass the graduation rates of other universities.

“Iowa State's graduation rate of nearly 74 percent is well above that of schools with similar student bodies, in MONEY's calculations,” according to the study. “Students who do graduate report early career earnings averaging $52,700, which is 5 percent higher than similar students from other schools.”

The average time it takes to graduation at Iowa State is 4.5 years with an average debt of $23,900.

The rankings in this study are similar to ones found in a U.S. News and World Report study conducted earlier in the year. Iowa State was around the middle of their overall rankings much like in this study, but the University of Iowa was ranked above Iowa State.

In the U.S. News and World Report study, it found all Iowa colleges have slipped in rankings.

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Shah Hid

I dont think we are ranked 375, The actual rank is 88. Times Mistyped are rank in their article “ The best college in every state” if you go to Iowa State’s profile on Times it says 88.

Shah Hid

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