Thielen (Updated 9/28/20)

Thielen Student Health Center.

For the 10th week of classes, Iowa State reported 42 new positive cases and a positivity rate of 3.17 percent.

This number is a rise from the 22 individuals and the 1.79 percent positivity rate that was reported during week nine. 

This increase comes two weeks after the bars reopened in Ames, drawing many students out during the weekend.

Iowa State’s numbers and positivity rate remain relatively low despite high numbers around the state.

In total, Iowa State has now reported 1,853 cases of coronavirus. The total positivity rate, not including move-in testing, is 10.2 percent. This overall rate has shown a steady decline since the beginning of the year.

The 42 cases are made up of 27 students, 14 staff members and one faculty member.

There are 50 students currently in isolation, which is an increase from 31 students the prior week. From Oct. 12 to Oct. 25, there have been 133 individuals in quarantine, 16 of which ended up testing positive. 

One on-campus quarantine room is being used and three on-campus isolation rooms are being used.

Iowa State has still received no reports of campus community members being hospitalized with coronavirus, but hospitalized individuals are not required to report their status to the university due to privacy laws.

COVID-19 data will continue to be updated on Iowa State’s COVID-19 dashboard.

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