The Iowa Board of Regents waived the requirement to submit either an ACT or SAT to the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa for the fall 2021 semester. 

The Iowa Board of Regents waived the requirement to submit either an ACT or SAT score to the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa for the fall 2021 semester. 

The Board of Regents President Michael Richards signed a waiver of Board of Regents policy and Iowa Administrative Code, which requires a standardized test score from any applicant to one of Iowa’s Regent Universities. The waiver is only in effect for applications during the upcoming admissions cycle.

“In this unprecedented time, we want to ensure that all students have the best opportunity to pursue higher education,” Richards said. “We know that many students have had difficulty taking a standardized test due to cancellations. This action will eliminate a potential barrier.”

Through the month of August, Iowa State University, the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa will be providing on-campus ACT testing for 2020 and 2021 Iowa high school graduates. Test scores will only be valid at those three institutions, according to the release. 

“If they are able, we still encourage all students to take the ACT or SAT,” said Board of Regents Chief Academic Officer Rachel Boon in a news release Thursday. “But our universities are comfortable in making admissions decisions using all the other information available for this upcoming cycle, if students cannot submit a standardized test score. We hope this waiver will be helpful to students in this cohort.”

The tests will be on the campuses of Iowa State University, University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa, in addition to the UI’s Pappajohn Education Center in Des Moines and the Western Iowa Regents Resource Centers in Sioux City and Council Bluffs.

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Brian Mcdonough

Steve Gregg has every reason to be concerned about writings like these writings being published in the newspaper of lily white ISU in Ames, Iowa.  Who knew there were so many Communists and Marxists and American "Traitors" in Iowa!!  Iowa??  Ames, Iowa!?!?  Really!?!  WOW!!!  

An equally great concern for Steve Gregg besides Iowa Communists including 19th century Frederic MacCartney of Storm Lake, Iowa, birthplace of Steve King, is the current and future tsunami change in the American demographics of the adult white male zoological and political species like Steve Gregg who one day will only be able to throw his cane and his colostomy bag at his computer, his fingers being unable to peck an ISU Daily comment because of Arthritis.

All of Trump's horses and all of Trump's men cannot put the American adult white male Humpty Dumpty back together again.  That is the real ontological threat to which even the Republican Party admitted 7 years ago as cited below.  

The now factual and inevitable future American demographics is that the population of white adult men, which currently is only 30 %, will continue to drop and drop.  This drop also already has changed the current political demographics of white adult men in office.  More and more of them already are being replaced by women politicians and by non-white male politicians with every election.

The following are some of the percentages of the very steep drop in the white population for 29 years from 1990-2019 in the following states: 

Nevada:                     26%

California:                 18%

Florida:                      16.4%

Texas:                       16.3%

New Jersey:             16.1% 

Maryland:                 15.8% 

Washington State:  15.3%

Delaware:                 15%

Georgia:                    15%

Arizona:                    14.8% 

Rhode Island:          13.9% 

Connecticut:            13.8% 

South Carolina:       13.7% 

Oregon:                     13.2%

Oklahoma:                13.2% 

Massachusetts:       12.6%

Virginia:                     12.1%

Illinois:                       11.9%

New York:                  11.5% 

Utah:                           11.4% 

Minnesota:                11.4%

Colorado:                   11.3% 

Nebraska:                  11.2%

Wyoming:                   11.1% 

Kansas:                       11%

New Mexico:              10.7% 

Alasksa:                      10.9 %

North Carolina:          10.5%

What is interesting is that no less than 14 of the above states were "Red States" in 2016.  Will they still be red states in 2024 or 2028? 

This is occurring in the North, South, East and West; and on the East coast, the West coast and the Midwest.   This is occuring everywhere in America.  This IS America and its future.

The average age for an American white person is 58, and it shall get higher and higher.  It is impossible to have white babies at 58.  Already less than half of Americans younger than 15 are white, and it shall get lower and lower as will the white birth rate.  The average age for an American non-white person is 27: baby time for them year after year. Hispanics, Asians, African Americans, Immigrants, their children and also children of inter-racial marriages shall continue to have more children children.  Their numbers shall rise and rise with every generation as the white population shall drop and drop with every generation.

The population projections for 2050 are: 30 % Hispanic; 13 % black; 10 % Asian; and only 47 % white including whites of all ages and genders because of: (1) a decrease of younger whites and therefore a decrease in white babies; (2) an increase of whites dying over the next 30 years because of their current average age of no less than 58 which only will grow older and older in the next 30 years; and (3) an increase in non-white babies.

One need only look at any daily newspaper at the very diverse names in the birth and wedding announcements; in the pictures of happy immigrant wedding couples; in the pictures of happy inter-racial wedding couples; and then sadly also look at all of  those European names of those many dead people in the obituary section.  Those are daily facts. Those are the demographics. Those are the numbers for the future of America.  

It also is a demographic fact that the following voters do vote Democrat more than Republican: (1) young voters, (2) women, (3) Hispanics, (4) African Americans, (5) Asians, (6) nationalized immigrant citizens and (7) other minorities. It also is a demographic fact that even 40% of white men do vote Democrat more than Republican.  So, exactly what is left for Republicans: only 60% of aging endangered White Male Men.   

Immigration families, minority families and inter-racial families shall continue to have more and more children who shall be welcomed and embraced by Democrats when they become voters as their parents are now; and rejected by the Republic Party.

What does that portend for the Republican Party?  They already know: they already knew that 7 years ago.  None of these demographic facts is lost on the Republican Party.  In 2013, seven years ago, the Republican Party published its “Growth and Opportunity Project” report, which also is known as the "Republican Party Autopsy Report,” which may be reviewed here by the reader if ISD respectfully permits such references in its letters:


Ponder what the Republican Party wrote: it publicly expressed its literal terror regarding the aforementioned demographics of America.  The above report is from the National Republican Party itself: not the Brookings Institute or the Wahington Post or the New York Times.  The Republican Party knew 7 years ago what these demographic numbers portend for the future of the Republican Party:

(1) while white male voters will continue to vote more Republican than Democrat (but now only a 60/40 difference and with fewer young white adult males voting Republican every year),

(2) everyone else will vote more Democrat than Republican: women voters, young voters including young white male voters, Asian voters, nationalized immigrant voters, Hispanic voters, African American voters and other minority voters who shall be welcomed and embraced by Democrats and not Republicans.

The first rule of any political party is: "be fruitful and multiple."  It is sorely sad that Republicans can't get "it" (their white numbers) "up" (higher) anymore.  It truly is tragic that this flaccid failure happens to an organ-ization or a political organ-ism.  However, can't cry over milk that can't even be dropped let alone spilled.

Imagine the change in the demographics even of ISU during the next 30 years.  Steve Gregg eventually will have to hire a full time and very busy secretary just for his own tsunami of his ISU comments regarding the writings that shall be published in the ISU Daily over the next 30 years to which he shall object.   All of Steve's (ISU Daily comments) horses and all of Steve's (ISU Daily comments) men. . . .  Well, you know the poem.

Oh well, time to read the obituary page in today's newspaper where I live.  OMG!!  Look at all those European names.  Oye Vey!!

Let's look at the birth and wedding announcements in my local newspaper: my favorite time of the day.  Oh Gosh, such Joy, look at all of those wonderful diverse baby names and those colorful wedding couple photographs with equally wonderful diverse names: the diverse, colorful, verile, fertile future of America and its politics:  "crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea."

A stanza from "America The Beautiful" written in 1895 by lesbian socialist Katherine Lee Bates. OMG: they're everywhere, Steve!

Ancient Hibernian political saying: 

"If you can't get it up

you can't get it going"

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