Gov. Kim Reynolds spoke in her press conference April 16 about the increased number of positive COVID-19 cases and deaths, as well as new implementations for the state. 

Seven additional deaths have been reported which brings the total number of deaths to 60. A number of 146 new positive cases have been reported, bringing the total to 2,141 cases. Out of 99 counties in the state, 82 have reported positive cases. 

According to IDPH, the additional deaths include:

  • One older adult (61-80 years) from Allamakee County
  • One older adult (61-80 years) from Linn County
  • One adult (18-40 years), one older adult (61-80 years) and one elderly (81+ years) from Polk County
  • One middle-aged adult (41-60 years) Louisa County
  • One elderly (81+ years) from Tama County

More information on the cases by region can be found at

Reynolds announced there will be more testing in the near future to keep up with the increase in cases being reported. 

“Increased testing at this time is critical,” Reynolds said. “To not only target activity and identify potential risk, but also implement specific measures to slow the spread within a facility, business or community. All of this is critical in making decisions to re-open our state.”

Reynolds announced a new opportunity in the state called "Test Iowa," which allows large-scale testing and contact tracing across the state. This will increase the tests to over 3,000 per day in addition to the testing capacity the state currently has. Iowa is also starting serology testing within two different labs once supplies arrive. Serology is an antibiotic test that is used to see if a patient has already had and recovered from COVID-19.

“Our ability to provide more testing will allow us to capture more data on the virus and better understand its activity in Iowa,” Reynolds said. “The more that we know about COVID-19, the better we can manage it until a vaccine is available.”

Region 6 has reached a level 10 in terms of positive cases, and as of 11:59 p.m. April 16, all gatherings for social, community, recreational, leisure or sporting activities will cease for those counties within region 6 through April 30.

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