The two seats for the Story County Board of Supervisors were filled by Latifah Faisal and Lisa Heddens Tuesday night.

Faisal and Heddens were among four nominated candidates, the other two being Steven O’Rourke and John Henry — the Republican challengers. 

Latifah Faisal

Democrat Latifah Faisal is running for a vacated seat on the Story County Board of Supervisors.

“I want to serve all the residents of Story County regardless of their party, whether someone voted for me or not has no impact on my desire to improve their lives or support them in any way I can,” Faisal said. “At the end of the day we all want safe communities, homes we can afford, food in our pantry, good schools for our children and medical care for our loved ones.”

The County Board of Supervisors is responsible for approving bonds and reports, administering the County budget and policy, economic development, filling employee vacancies and setting County tax levy.

The Board is the administrative and legislative branch of Story County, according to the Story County Board of Supervisors webpage.

“I have the qualifications to be an effective supervisor,” Heddens said. “My experience as a former executive director of a nonprofit organization, a former state legislator as well as my current role as a supervisor has prepared me to serve the residents of Story County.”

Faisal won with 52 percent of the votes and Heddens won with 58 percent of the votes.

Faisal has had 15 years of experience working for Story County.

“I would like Story County to have a sobering crisis center, expansion of reliable and affordable rural broadband access, rural public transportation and a climate action plan,” Faisal said.

Faisal said soil and water conservation and drainage districts are some of the most important issues that need to be addressed.

Encouraging people to continue to wear face coverings and practice social distancing has been a huge statement for Faisal, she said. 

“So many things have changed since this time last year,” Faisal said. “The pandemic has turned almost everything upside down but if we have one positive takeaway it is that we are capable of rapid massive change.”

Heddens served 17 years in the Iowa State House where she served on a variety of committees. She also served as the ranking member of the health and human services budget.

Heddens represents Story County on the following boards: Aging Resources of Central Iowa, Ames Mini-Assessors, Board of Health, BooSt for Children, Central Iowa Community Services (CICS), Central Iowa Juvenile Detention, Central Iowa Recovery and Story County Decategorization, according to the Story County website. 


Lisa Heddens is the Democratic candidate running for Story County Board of Supervisors on Nov. 3.

“I’ve never taken any election for granted, I feel a sense of both nervousness and confidence,” Heddens said. “I have appreciated the opportunity to serve the residents of Story County and look forward to continuing to work on their behalf."

Heddens said she would like to increase broadband connectivity, promote affordable housing and child care, adequately fund mental health and disability services, address infrastructure needs, support farmers to ensure they have access to soil preservation and manage tax dollars wisely.

“I am conscientious in both my personal and professional life, I take pride in my work and derive considerable satisfaction from doing an assignment thoroughly and professionally,” Heddens said. “I cope well with high-stress situations and have extensive experience with the workings of government, and I believe that these qualities make me an excellent choice for County supervisor.”

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