Editor's NoteThis article was updated with new information following Gov. Kim Reynolds' 2:30 p.m. press conference.

Gov. Kim Reynolds’ office announced in a press release March 31 that the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) has been notified of 73 new cases of COVID-19 in Iowa along with the death of an individual between the ages of 41 and 60 in Muscatine County.

The new cases brought the state’s total number of cases of the disease to 497, while the number of individuals who died after testing positive for the disease rose to seven.

"I am sorry to report that we have had one additional death, a middle-aged adult in Muscatine County," Reynolds said in a press conference.

The ages and locations of the 73 new individuals who tested positive according to the IDPH are:

  • Black Hawk County, one middle-age adult (41-60 years)

  • Cedar County, one middle age adult (41-60 years)

  • Clay County, one adult (18-40 years)

  • Clinton County, two middle-age adults (41-60 years), one older adult (61-80 years)

  • Dallas County, four adults (18-40 years)

  • Harrison County, one middle age adult (41-60 years)

  • Iowa County, one middle-age adult (41-60 years)

  • Jasper County, one elderly adult (81+)

  • Johnson County, two adults (18-40 years), one middle-age (41-60 years)

  • Jones County, two adults (18-40 years), one middle age (41-60 years)

  • Keokuk County, one adult (18-40 years)

  • Linn County, three adults (18-40 years), seven middle age adults (41-60 years), seven older adults (61-80 years), two elderly (81+)

  • Marshall County, one adult (18-40 years), one older adult (61-80 years)

  • Muscatine County, two middle-age (41-60 years), one older adult (61-80 years)

  • Polk County, one child (0-17), five adults (18-40 years), three middle age adults (41-60 years), four older adult (61-80 years), two elderly (81+)

  • Pottawattamie County, one middle-age (41-60 years)

  • Scott County, two middle-age (41-60 years)

  • Sioux County, one middle age adult (41-60 years), one older adult (61-80 years)

  • Tama County, one adult (18-40 years)

  • Warren County, two middle-age (41-60 years)

  • Washington County, three adults (18-40 years), two older adults (61-80 years), one elderly (81+)

During her press conference, Reynolds said nursing homes and long-term care facilities were identified early on as a high-priority for mitigation efforts.

"In Iowa we've been putting in place mitigation efforts in the state's long-term care facilities in the days following our first positive COVID-19 cases," Reynolds said. "On March 14 the Iowa Veteran's Home restricted all visitors and began screening all staff before they entered the facility. The Department of Human Services also suspended in-person visitation and implemented staff screenings at their six state-run facilities."

The governor also announced the establishment of a COVID-19 legal hotline for Iowans with legal questions related to circumstances the disease has resulted in. The number for the hotline is 1-800-332-0419.

A 24-hour public hotline for Iowans has been established for questions regarding COVID-19. It can be accessed by calling 2-1-1 or 1-800-244-7431.

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