Football parking fine sign

Football parking fine increase sign on Lincoln Way.

On a Cyclone football game day in Ames, the number of people within city limits — and the number of cars within city limits — increases significantly.

As an incentive against illegal parking, the City of Ames now levies higher fines for illegal parking on football game days. Ames City Council approved a “Game Day Parking Ordinance” increasing the fine for illegal parking from $20 to $40 “in designated neighborhoods from 6 a.m. to midnight” on football home game days. According to a press release, more than 500 signs have been posted in those neighborhoods.

Among the motivations for the increase in illegal parking fines, the city said in a statement the high number of illegally parked vehicles compromised safe access to streets, along with blocked driveways and intersections, limitations on emergency vehicle access and pedestrian hazards.

The neighborhoods include Campustown and areas west of Jack Trice Stadium south of Lincoln Way. A comprehensive map of the neighborhoods impacted can be found on the City of Ames website.

Iowa State has six more home football games this year, with the next scheduled for Sept. 14 against the University of Iowa, and the last of the season on Nov. 23 against the University of Kansas.

The parking enforcement coordinator, Sheri Nelson, called for drivers to pay attention to signs, rather than simply where other vehicles have parked in an area.

“The best way to avoid getting a parking ticket is to arrive early, obey the posted signs, and enjoy the football game,” Nelson said.

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