Menorah lighting

Chabad at ISU will light a 6 foot tall Menorah in front of Parks Library for students and staff.

Chabad at ISU, a Jewish student organization on campus, will be ringing in the holiday season with a Menorah lighting in honor of Chanukah.

"We light the Menorah not just to commemorate the miracles that happened years ago (the oil lasting eight days and the battle of good over evil, light against dark) but to bring it to life today,” said Malka Jacobson, the co-director of Chabad at ISU.

Jacobson also said that Chanukah has a universal message to all people: “to bring light, warmth and festivity into the world.”

“The message of the Menorah is to bring more light into the world,” Jacobson said. “Each and every individual has the mission to do more good, lighting up the world around them.”

In a representation of this, a 6 foot tall Menorah will be lit at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in front of Parks Library. Jacobson said there will be Menorah kits available to students and chocolate “gelt” coins will also be handed out.

According to Jacobson, Chabad at ISU, also known as the Center for Jewish Student Life, aims to provide Jewish students, and the student body as a whole, with a home away from home where they can learn and experience the beauty of Judaism. While this event is geared towards students and staff that are Jewish, Jacobson said that all individuals are welcome to attend.

More information about Chabad at ISU can be found on their website.

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