Nicholas Terhall, director of student affairs, speaks on behalf of a bike share program that needs a $7,000 grant to fund the the start-up and construction of the bicycles. Terhall spoke during the GSB meeting Sept. 3 in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.

Whether or not hundreds of bikes would be added to the traffic on campus as part of the GSB bike share program was the main topic of Sept. 3's Government of the Student Body meeting.

The Senate debated a bill that would provide additional money to fund the bike share prototype program that would allow the development of bike prototypes. 

The Senate considered funding an additional $7,477.39 to the almost $5,500 already spent funding the project. As it stands, a class devoted to developing prototypes of the bike share program allows industrial, mechanical and electrical engineering students to have hands-on training on developing prototypes.

Community and regional planning students also work in the class to determine whether or not the university and the city can support the program.

Senators' main concerns centered on the idea that the funding for the program has been rushed. Many called for more research on whether or not students would use the program and if the university, with its existing mass of students, could support the extra traffic.

GSB President Hillary Kletscher assured senators that university administrators and Ames city officials will be doing their own studies on whether or not the university and city can sustain a bike project. 

"Don’t let that hold you back from funding a project that a lot of students are invested in," said Kletscher about the infrastructure. "Don’t let that hold you back from funding a project that would be very unique for the university. Why not try it?"

Despite Kletscher's appeal to the Senate, the bill failed to pass and might be discussed again next semester.

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