Citizens and students of the City of Ames speak for and against the Ames Public Library hosting the All Ages Drag Show on Thursday at the Ames Public Library.

On Thursday night, the Ames Public Library hosted their monthly board of trustees meeting to receive public feedback on an event they host called the All Ages Drag Show.

The All Ages Drag show is an event hosted biannually, where “all ages are welcome to sign up and show off their talent, or just come to enjoy the free show, food and mingling,” according to the Ames Public Library.

The board of trustees gave the public 30 minutes to speak freely of their opinions on the matter, with three minutes to a person.

“Having this drag show is a great way for this city to engage and support the LGBTQ+ culture and encourage this community to support each other,” said Danielle Frey, a freshman in English who supported the event.

Many agreed with Frey, saying the All Ages Drag Show gave them a sense of community and belonging; some had not felt that since they moved to Ames. Few disagreed on the issue, saying young children do not need to watch the dancing portrayed on the stage.

“I have some concerns," said Laura Carlson, an Ames resident. "Performers soliciting money is a violation of the library’s own money room policy, which states [it's] a violation to charge admission fees, donations or other fees, but yet we see piles of dollars on the stage."


Ames Public Library's trustees meeting welcomed feedback from the Ames community on their biannual All Ages Drag Show on Thursday.

While the two sides had clear arguments, a father from Ames approached the board with a story of bringing his two children, a son and daughter, to the All Ages Drag Show.

“I’d like to use my son as an example," said the father. "He basically decided that he didn’t like it, for whatever reason, and so he doesn’t go. I think we have lots of examples of that in our lives. If there was a movie playing at the movie theater that I don’t like, I don’t go see the movie. If there’s a TV show that I don’t like, I change the channel. So, like my son, if you don’t like the idea of an all ages drag show, don’t come.”

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