Aleksandra Badaczewska-Dawid, who is the co-author of 13 scientific papers and has 300 citations in peer-reviewed journals, has joined the Potoyan Lab at Iowa State on the Bioscience Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Editor's Note: In the original publication of this article, the percentage of incoming students that participated in learning communities in the last school year was incorrect.The original percent was 70 percent and the correct number is 78 percent. The mistake was fixed and the Iowa State Daily apologizes for the error.

The “Salary and Offer Negotiation Workshop,” hosted by Iowa State’s College of Human Sciences Career Services department, will discuss aspects of negotiating salaries for students when applying for jobs and internships Thursday.

Margaret Palmer, distinguished university professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, is set to speak at Iowa State about the condition and restoration of streams, rivers and other bodies of water at “Healing America’s Streams."

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