Jason Alexander makes an appearance in the 2021 Super Bowl commercial for Tide.

Whether viewers watched Super Bowl LV for the football or the halftime show, audiences can agree that the commercial breaks are one of the most entertaining parts of the annual football tradition. Here are some of the best commercials that aired during Super Bowl LV.

Rocket Mortgage

Tracy Morgan proves that being “pretty sure” isn’t good enough when it comes to financing a home in his debut Super Bowl commercial with Rocket Mortgage.

As a family of four tours their prospective new home, they’re uncertain whether they can afford it, but the father says he’s “pretty sure” they can.

Around the corner in the family’s potential future bathroom is Tracy Morgan relaxing in a bubble bath, eating strawberries and advising the family that with Rocket Mortgage, they can know for certain if they can afford the home.

When the father asks if there’s a difference between being pretty sure and certain, Morgan takes the family on a journey to help them grasp the difference.

After encounters with poisonous mushrooms, a bear and a swift match with former WWE superstar Dave Bautista recorded by actress Liza Koshy, they learn certain is the way to go.

General Motors

Will Ferrell proved his disbelief in Norway being the top seller of electric cars in Super Bowl General Motors commercials.

Ferrell drives around going door to door to various celebrities to recruit them to travel to Norway to put an end to their sales reign.

Celebrity appearances in this commercial include Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina.

Ferrell tells Thompson and Awkwafina to meet him in Norway “in an hour” to help with his problem. Ferrell travels to Norway by hitching a ride on a storage container barge while Thompson and Awkwafina appear to drive there.

The three attempt to unite in Norway by calling each other to ask about each other’s locations. Thompson and Awkwafina tell Ferrell they are in Finland and Ferrell quickly finds out he is in Sweden and not Norway.


Tide’s commercial followed a mother and son briefly arguing over whether his sweatshirt that has actor Jason Alexander’s face on it is dirty.

The son said he thinks it is fine. This is followed by a montage of various activities that have dirtied the hoodie such as using it as a baseball base, dropping old gum on it, sitting on it and taking out the garbage while wearing it.

The commercial comes back to the present with the son conceding and agrees that he needs to both wash his “Jason Alexander hoodie” and that he owes it an apology.

After washing the hoodie with Tide, the son is seen walking down the street as Jason Alexander stops his car near him. Alexander demands that the son gives him his face back and the son said he owes him an apology.

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