Rick and Morty

Characters confirmed to return in season five of "Rick and Morty" are the titular characters as well as Jerry, Summer and the original Beth.

Prepare for more time traveling chaos because new episodes of "Rick and Morty" will be premiering this summer. 

The season five announcement of the bizarre sci-fi animation series came as a surprise to many since the past four seasons have been released at least two years apart from each other.

Sooner than expected, fans can look forward to seeing the main cast (Rick, Morty, Summer, Beth and Jerry) battle robots and aliens, zipline through random futuristic-looking tunnels, meet strange sea creatures and explore new universes.

The official season five trailer opens with the main cast bickering in the woods until Rick gets hit in the neck with a dart. Following the incident is a fast montage of the main cast going on adventures and a glimpse of parodies from '80s and '90s entertainment like “Voltron,” “Jurassic Park” and “Hellraiser.”

The trailer had a lot to unpack, but it did confirm a few things about the upcoming season. 

Space Beth, a clone from the season four finale, will be returning in the upcoming season. The new season will also introduce a sea creature named Mister Nimbus — Rick’s nemesis. 

Mister Nimbus was first introduced in the season five animatic at the 2020 Comic-Con.

In the animatic, Morty crash lands into the ocean on Earth after saving Rick from an octopus-like creature from another destructing planet. After the landing, Rick awakens and panics after learning they’ve crashed in the ocean, saying they need to leave. 

Immediately after, Mister Nimbus rises from the ocean in a giant shell and accuses Rick of breaking their sacred treaty between the land and sea. Mister Nimbus then tells Rick to brace himself to face his wrath.

The sea creature is shown several times in the trailer — once parked in front of the main casts’ home in a sea-themed chariot and another time beating Rick in a fight. His introduction in the trailer and the animatic sets him up to be a recurring character throughout the upcoming season.

Fans can watch the season five premiere at 10 p.m. Central Standard Time on June 20 on Adult Swim.

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