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Stand-up comedian Rae Sanni brought laughter to the M-Shop on Thursday with jokes covering everything from relationships to feminism. Sanni is known for her performances on several shows, including Comedy Central's "The President Show."

Rae Sanni, Los Angeles based writer and comedian from FOX’s “Rel,” Comedy Central’s “The President Show” and NBC’s “The Good Place,” will perform stand-up Thursday at the Maintenance Shop.  

Alongside her humor and sarcasm, she brings a unique standpoint on stage about topics like race, gender stereotypes and pop culture. As a comedian, she integrates politics and discourse into her art. 

In 2017, Sanni was named the Comedy Central “Up Next” comedian at Clusterfest and a “New Face” at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montréal. Her stand-up comedy acts have also been featured on Lifetime and at the New York Comedy Festival. Her writing has appeared in places like New York Magazine, The Decider, and Buzzfeed. Rae also co-hosts a podcast called “Misandry” with Marcia and Rae with Marcia Belsky. 

In an interview with New York Vulture, Sanni discussed the president and her political views. She explained cultures are evolving, as well as technologies. She said she hopes to see progress in internet trends, which is a reason for her many successes. 

“Comedians who weren’t overtly political before are showing signs of it now," Sanni said. “Politics is seeping into everything. Smart artists make for smarter consumers."

Sanni is recognized by her sarcastic and open tweets on Twitter, where she has a following of more than 25,400. She posts memes and trends, but also replies to many heated topics. As an African American, she tries to bring her culture to spirit in many different platforms.  

Sanni likes to bring a new and fresh light to comedy. Although she likes to throw jokes around, she takes the media very seriously and will undoubtedly include some snippets of politics and comedy all in one.

She has been known to throw jokes about dating apps, her relationships, college, her failure to graduate from Princeton and so forth. Sanni is set to take the Maintenance Shop stage at 9 p.m. Thursday.

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