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Stand-up comedian Rae Sanni brought laughter to the M-Shop on Thursday with jokes covering everything from relationships to feminism. Sanni is known for her performances on several shows, including Comedy Central's "The President Show."

Stand-up comedian Rae Sanni took the Maintenance Shop stage Thursday night to give audience members an unexpected, yet unique performance in an intimate setting. 

She began her stand-up with an interesting topic, immediately drawing the crowd in. It was clear that the audience was hooked, as she interacted with the crowd countless times.

Sanni used sarcasm and self-deprecating jokes. She repeatedly talked about her non-existent relationship, because no one ever wanted to date her as a bald lady. Her jokes covered sex, comedy and ribaldry. 

“Once I dated a 35-year-old man who only owned a single piece of furniture … that would be a mattress on the floor,” Sanni said. “But I mean he is like six foot three and has abs, so.” 

Although her sole purpose was to fill the room with laughter, she discussed many serious, challenging topics. She explains that growing up in Brooklyn, New York, and living in Los Angeles can be difficult in this culture. She is an atheist and a millennial. Sanni is very political as well, but she believes that the stuff occurring in the world right now is too much. 

“Monica Lewinsky is probably my favorite candidate,” Sanni said. “I try not to get too political, I’m just ugly.” 

She wanted to be honest with her audience, so she got very personal. She said that her mother came to the United States from Nigeria to give her children the life she couldn’t have. Sanni eventually got accepted to Princeton, but she failed and later dropped out. 

She made jokes about her failures and asked the audience what everyone was studying. Sanni was curious about the crowds’ goals and dreams. She called on a particular student who happened to be working toward his master’s degree. 

“Oh, she just whooped my ass,” Sanni said. “I didn’t even make it through the whole four years or whatever.” 

Sanni talked about cultures and certain technologies. She said she loves reality television but does not watch the "Bachelor" franchise often because she believes it is all a fantasy. 

“OK but like Rachel’s season was wack,” Sanni said. “Girls on that show be like, ‘I’m so in love,’ when literally it’s been five minutes.” 

Sanni surprised the audience with her cheat sheet written on her hand. She briefly discussed women’s rights, child labor laws and immigration. As a feminist, she describes how rights and laws have had tremendous impacts on her life. 

Diana Sullivan, office assistant for the Iowa State University Student Activities Center, was impressed with Rae Sanni and her connection to the crowd. Sanni’s stand-up was planned to be for about 75 minutes, but exceeded time expectations. The two-hour comedy act was energetic and hilarious for both Sanni and the audience. 

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