Reiman Gardens

Pumpkin carving and stenciling will be available at Reiman Gardens throughout October.

Fall is finally here, and the long-awaited seasonal festivities are beginning to start up again. All throughout the month of October, Reiman Gardens is hosting multiple pumpkin stenciling and pumpkin carving volunteer opportunities.

On the dates of Oct. 2, Oct. 8 to 9 and Oct. 16 to 17, volunteers are welcome to stencil different designs onto pumpkins.

On the dates of Oct. 21 to 23 and Oct. 28-30, volunteers are able to carve out the stencils. To be able to participate in the pumpkin carving sessions, volunteers must be at least 13-years-old.

The pumpkin carvings will be used as jack-o’-lanterns for Reiman Gardens’ annual Spirits in the Gardens event.

Spirits in the Gardens is a seasonal celebration hosted by Reiman Gardens. This year's event is modified for the safety of the community. The path will mostly be one-directional, and instead of the regular trick-or-treating event, children will leave with a packaged treat bag at the end of the night. Visitors are encouraged to wear their favorite costume and must wear face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

There will be activities such as the opportunity to meet a scientist, see a dancing flash mob and scarecrows, play Simon Says and see holographic projections.

The Spirits in the Gardens event will be on the weekends of Oct. 23 to 25 and Oct. 30 to Nov. 1. Tickets for this event need to be purchased online.

There is very limited space available for the pumpkin stenciling and pumpkin carving events. To join in on the fun, visitors must register at least 48 hours before each scheduled day to be able to attend the sessions.

Volunteers are expected to follow the COVID-19 regulations put in place to promote the safety of others in the community. Some rules include wearing a face mask while on-site, social distancing and handwashing at the outdoor hand washing stations available.

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