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The Fab Five of Netflix's "Queer Eye" return for more heartwarming entertainment in the fifth season. 

Season five of executive producer David Collins' “Queer Eye” continues its streak of bringing wholesome and emotional entertainment for all audiences. 

“Queer Eye” is a Netflix remake of the 2003 “Bravo” show of the same name. This series follows the “Fab Five," a group of five LGBT+ people as they help other people in need of lifestyle makeovers. Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk guide clients through improvements on their cooking skills, fashion and hygiene sense, social habits and decorating abilities. 

Season five of “Queer Eye” is just as heartwarming and charming as its previous four seasons. While the entire season takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the clientele the Fab Five take on range drastically. 

The very first episode, “Preaching Out Loud," centers around Noah Hepler, a very shy pastor who spent the first 30 years of his life hiding his true homosexuality. The Fab Five shine through in this episode in an especially heartfelt way. Giving advice for Hepler to feel comfortable in his own skin is even harder when he doesn’t feel comfortable in his own church. The combined efforts of the Five always allow for clients’ happy endings, but this first episode of season five pulls on the heartstrings right away.

The arguably most therapeutic episode, “The Anxious Advocate” follows Abby Leady as she and the Fab Five help her find a balance of work and socialization. This episode stands out from the rest as it has an underlying message about the importance of stopping climate change. Leady is such a passionate advocate against climate change that she has dedicated a gap year between high school and college to fight the cause. Dealing with lifelong anxiety issues doesn’t help the fact Leady gets too involved in her work, leaving no time for herself. Porowski in particular is extremely helpful to Leady. He helps her overcome her intimidation of cooking by showing her that it is an activity that’s meant to relax you. Brown also helps with Leady’s anxiety issues by further instructing her on when to take time for her cause and, most importantly, for herself. 

Porowski himself summed it up perfectly in his interview at ISU AfterDark in March 2019.

“Everyone always has an episode [of “Queer Eye”] that was really touching to them,” Porowski said. “That never gets boring.”

The ability of the Fab Five to connect so easily to diverse groups of people shows how truly empathic they are. The helpful methods of the Fab Five work like a charm and season five of “Queer Eye” proves that yet again. 

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