Tour dates

The tour dates for the 2020 world tour of Mother Mother.

Canadian indie-rock band Mother Mother recently announced its next album and live tour dates.

Mother Mother has been active since 2005 and has produced numerous hits throughout the years that are still popular today. Songs like “Hayloft,” “Burning Pile” and “Oh Ana” have been some of the bands’ most influential songs. 

After seven total album releases, the upcoming eighth album will be titled “Inside” and will be released June 25.

Like many other music artists, Mother Mother canceled most of their live performances in 2020 and switched to doing independent livestreams. However, now that more public venues are opening up, Mother Mother has announced their 2022 live tour dates.

Locations included in their 2022 tour include Paris, Madrid, London and many other cities in Europe. More localized destinations include Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland.

Mother Mother’s upcoming album, “Inside,” is going to be a continuation of their well-known indie-rock sounds. Fans have already had a sneak peak of this album with the band having released two singles that will be included in it. 

“Stay Behind,” the first song that has been released from “Inside,” starts off uniquely with some sounds of nature, such as birds chirping and the wind blowing in trees. It is not long before this sound becomes distorted into a sharp cacophony before settling down into Ryan Guldemond’s relaxed acoustic chords. This sound is almost ethereal as its slow tempo and acoustic-based sounds offer a calming experience overall. However, the cacophony of sound fans hear in the beginning progressively crescendos and decrescendos throughout the five or so minutes runtime.

The most recently released song by Mother Mother, “I Got Love,” starts off faster and with an electric guitar accompaniment as opposed to the softer, acoustic sounds from its predecessor. The music video for “I Got Love” is unique in that the band compiled clips of their fans singing and dancing to the song in addition to snippets of the band themselves performing. The overall message of spreading love for each other and for oneself is ever-present in both this song and its wholesome music video. 

“Inside” will be released June 25.

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