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Magic City Hippies performed in the Maintenance Shop Oct. 10. 

Magic City Hippies brought a varied set of tricks for their Thursday night show at the Maintenance Shop. 

Magic City Hippies brought the sounds of funk, hip-hop and a dose of pop to the stage. They played songs from their most recent album “Modern Animal." Some of those songs included, “Float,” “Franny,” and a crowd reacting fan favorite, “Body Like A Weapon.” With stellar guitar solos from John Coughlin, lead singer, Robby Hunter, gave the sudden twist of dropping his voice a few octaves which caught some people by surprise.  

Fans of Magic City Hippies were ready to dance as soon as they got on stage. The band brought the energy true funk/pop bands should always have.

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Magic City Hippies performed in the Maintenance Shop Oct. 10. 

Both Magic City Hippies and their opening act, LUTHI, loved asking the audience if they were ready to get loose. The crowds immediate response was shouting, “yes” and then start jumping or swaying once the music started playing.   

Towards the end of the show, with only a few songs left, the guitarist Coughlin, had the most fun with the audience. He went to the edge of the stage and reached his guitar over someone's head and then started playing the chords. 

The crowd was mesmerized the whole show always having something to record. 

Being from Miami, Florida, this band most definitely brought their magic. No encouragement was needed to sing along with the band because the crowd was already into it. While the show was ending, the fans just kept wanting more. 

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Magic City Hippies performed in the Maintenance Shop Oct. 10. 

As their first performance in Ames, Iowa, they sure left their mark. Fans of Magic City Hippies and LUTHI were always moving and singing along with the bands. From swaying their hips to jumping on their feet, the music always brought the beat. 

LUTHI brought the same amount as energy as Magic City Hippies did. They’d be jumping on the stage and swaying along with the crowd. Their band had a few more members than Magic City Hippies did, but they all still made very much use of the given room of the stage. 

This intimate concert was one to remember, and each act's work should be enjoyed beyond the live stage. 

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