Kim Jong-in as he appears in the music video for "Mmmh."

K-pop idol Kim Jong-in, famously known as EXO Kai, recently released his first self-titled solo album “KAI – The 1st Mini Album.”

This EXO member is known in the industry for his strong stage presence, but this album proves his talents go far beyond dancing.

The bold and catchy lyrics on the six-track project exude confidence. If released individually, each song on this "mini-album" would be a hit. But in its entirety, the project is exceptional.

The album is heavily R&B influenced with a mix of pop that complements KAI’s unique voice. Each song tells a different story, but romantic pursuits and reaching goals are common themes throughout the album. 

In an online press conference, Kai said the album opener “Mmmh” is “an R&B-pop song that honestly expresses a feeling of attraction to one’s first encounter.”

The song’s slow and sultry vibe contrasts with the energetic and compelling video performance.

“Mmmh” solidified itself as the most memorable song on the album due to its catchy chorus and simplistic lyrics.

Also on this album is “Nothing On Me,” “Amnesia,” “Reason,” Ride or Die” and “Hello Stranger.”

In the press conference, Kai said this album best represents him. 

“I tried to show you my favorite song style, dance style, visual art and so on,” Kai said.

Through this album, Kai said he wants to be remembered not only as a member of EXO but also as a talented individual.

“EXO Kai is good, but I want to be remembered by you under the name of Kai,” he said.

Final Verdict: 9.8/10

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