Julia Izumi

Julia Izumi, the writer of "Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea," in a video recording with the Brown/Trinity MFA program.

ISU Theatre will be virtually performing the upbeat and eccentric play known as “Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea” at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 6 and 7.

“Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea” by Julia Izumi follows the tale of a little rain cloud who falls in love with a human. Lessons on what it means to go through the love and loss of young infatuation are explored in both funny and heartwarming ways in Izumi’s play. 

Izumi is a writer, performer and educator on the making of plays and musicals. Her works include “miku, and the gods,” “Meet Murasaki Shikibu Followed by Book-Signing, and Other Things” and “Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea.”

Her plays and musicals have been produced at over 15 theaters in the United States and she has been given multiple awards for her work, including the New York Society Library's Emerging Women's Artist Grant and Barn Arts Collective’s Hamilton Project Residency.

For those who want to watch the livestream of the play, they must register beforehand on ShowTix4U’s website. 

The program for “Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea” can be viewed here. A prerecorded rental of the performance will be available from Nov. 13 to 19. Admission to view this showing of Izumi’s play is “pay what you will.”

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