Hope Tala

Hope Tala works with artists on her newest EP, such as with rap artist Aminé.

Hope Tala’s latest EP "Girl Eats Sun" is a breath of fresh air. Her light and airy vocals make even the painfulness of relationships sound pleasant.

Rather than hiding explicit meanings behind poetic lyricism, Tala is more transparent and confident with what she means in "Girl Eats Sun."

This 21-year-old West London-based artist experiments with a fusion of Spanish guitars, steel drums and flutes to create her bossanova and R&B inspired sound.

In this project, Tala serenades listeners as she delves into themes of complicated relationships, coping with heartbreak and reciprocation. 

Here is a breakdown of the top three tracks from Hope Tala’s EP "Girl Eats Sun."

"Cherries" Ft. Aminé

“Cherries” is undoubtedly the most poetic song on this project. The Spanish guitar’s vibrant and upbeat plucks blend seamlessly with the flute’s subtle wind-like sounds to tell a couple’s story in a bad state. Aminé complements Tala on this track with a more direct and explicit approach to how the couple can get over the state they are in. 

"All My Girls Like To Fight" 

With lines like “I wish I could throw the first punch / But purity coats my tongue,” Tala expresses she doesn’t have to fight — her girls can handle that for her. The suspenseful and dramatic Spanish influences paint the women surrounding Tala as powerful and supportive in this bold track.


"Crazy" is a fun and intimate track about the reciprocation of feelings. In a Dork interview, Tala says the lyrics in "Crazy" have a double meaning.

“It’s about telling someone they can go crazy and have a good time on the dance floor, but also that you can tell that they like you and it’s all good because the feelings are reciprocated — they don’t need to hold back, they can go 'Crazy.'”

Final Verdict: 7.8/10

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