"Holidate" adds a twist to the average holiday romance movie. 

Holiday movies are predictable and fit with the climate of the season as they are funny, lighthearted and always end on a happy note. While “Holidate," a new Netflix original, follows the same theme as other holiday movies, it offers a unique look at what it means to be single during the holidays and how one can subsequently fall in love.

“Holidate” follows Sloane (Emma Roberts) as she navigates being the only single person in her family. In an attempt to avoid the everlasting setups and questions from prying family members, Sloane sets up a “holidate," a person that she brings to every holiday, so that she is not alone. 

For every new and refreshing aspect that comes with the movie, it is still predictable and cliche. This is to be expected from a holiday romantic comedy. Despite its cliche nature, the characters are developed and the relationships between them are fully explored. 

Sloane has a more unique perspective than the typical female role in a romantic comedy. She is witty and independent. Her character was relatable to the audience as she really encompassed how it feels to be single in the 21st century.

One aspect audiences can enjoy is while the typical roles of a holiday movie are fulfilled by the cast, they still maintain their own unique developments. While the movie revolves around the main characters, there was obvious progression among the supporting characters as well. 

“Holidate” is an overall heartwarming film that can make any spectator either smile or cringe, depending on what kind of audience is watching. 

Final verdict: 8/10 

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