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Characters Millie (left), Moxxie (center) and Blitzo (right) as they appear in the second episode of "Helluva Boss."

Popular web series “Hazbin Hotel” creator, Vivienne Medrano, has released the next episode in her “Hazbin Hotel” spinoff series, “Helluva Boss.”

“Helluva Boss” takes place in the same universe as “Hazbin Hotel.” Both series take place mostly in Hell and follow the crude but hilarious antics of visually eccentric characters, including both demons and humans. 

The pilot episode of “Helluva Boss” debuted on Medrano’s YouTube channel “Vivziepop” in November 2019. Almost a year later, a new episode has been released on the same platform.

The recent news of Medrano’s main series “Hazbin Hotel” getting picked up by TV production company A24 has resparked the hype surrounding Medrano’s work. As such, she has been publishing more and more animated content on her YouTube channel. 

Other short animations such as “Bad Luck Jack,” the music video for “Addict” and now a sequel episode of “Helluva Boss” have all been published within the last three months. With breaks in between Medrano’s videos averaging two to three months, this surplus of content has been welcomed from her fans. 

The second episode of “Helluva Boss,” titled “Murder Family,” follows most of the same cast of characters from the first episode along with some new additions. Blitzo, voiced by YouTube personality Brandon Rogers, and Moxxie, voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz best known for voicing Billy from “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy” as well as Zim from “Invader Zim” both make a return for the sequel episode.

This new episode of “Helluva Boss” follows Blitzo and married couple Moxxie and Millie as they attempt to complete a job in their murder-based business, "Immediate Murder Professionals,” or “I.M.P.” Hijinks ensue when Moxxie hesitates in his assassination attempt and thoroughly disappoints his boss, Blitzo. 

There is currently no news on the release date of the “Hazbin Hotel” TV series nor on the third episode of “Helluva Boss.”

Final verdict on “Murder Family”: 8/10

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