The playable character in Section 9 Interactive's new game.

The newly formed game development company known as Section 9 Interactive is made up of former “Little Nightmares” developers. The company’s first project looks to be following in their previous successful footsteps.

Tarsier Studios is the developing company for both the main entries in the “Little Nightmares” franchise.  

“We are a small team with long experience in the games industry previously working in leading roles on titles such as ‘Little Nightmares,’ ‘Little Nightmares 2’ and ‘LittleBigPlanet PS VITA’...We are hard at work on a new sci-fi action-adventure title for PC and the next-generation consoles,” according to Section 9’s website.


Due to Section 9’s previous experience on the “Little Nightmares” franchise, their new unnamed title has some clear influences from this series.

Nothing more than a few gifs and screenshots from the new game have been revealed by Section 9, but what fans have seen so far is incredibly impressive.

The new game follows a figure in a spacesuit as they explore a hostile planet. Due to the post-apocalyptic tones and the otherworldly — almost Lovecraftian — monsters viewers have seen so far, it is safe to assume this game will be a sci-fi horror experience.

The framework for a game follows Section 9’s past, as “Little Nightmares” also follows a small, hooded figure as they traverse through a dangerous and unwelcoming environment. Like the second game in the “Little Nightmares” series, this new title appears to have combat mechanics. 

One teaser for the game shows the main character shooting what appears to be a fungus-infested monster. Stealth and dodging mechanics also seem to be vital to the game’s gameplay based on other released teasers. One teaser shows a robotic enemy that has a deadly laser. This is where the protagonist demonstrates their dodging capabilities.

Arguably the coolest teaser shows how important stealth will be in the game, with the main character being pursued by an even bigger robotic enemy. After the protagonist hides, the mechanical enemy begins scanning the surrounding areas for signs of life. Like its spiritual predecessors in the “Little Nightmares” series, the intense amounts of tension being built will be something for gamers to look forward to.


One of the enemies in Section 9 Interactive's new game.

There is currently no set release date for the unnamed project by Section 9 Interactive.

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