"Disenchantment" is an original Netflix show by "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" creator Matt Groening. 

The second season of Netflix’s original show “Disenchantment” dropped last Saturday, September 20.

Creator Matt Groening, known for creating hit shows such as “The Simpsons” and “Futurama”, does it again with “Disenchantment," making for a funny, sharp and witty new season.

“Disenchantment” follows the drunken Princess “Bean” Tiabeanie and her two best friends Elfo, an elf, and Luci, a demon, on their dangerous misadventures through her medieval kingdom called Dreamland.

Similarly to Groening's other shows, “Disenchantment” utilizes quick one-liners and references to modern media to land jokes, making for many laugh-inducing moments in just the opening scenes of the new season.

Despite all of his shows having similar art styles, Groening makes sure to keep the characters’ physical and personality designs fresh and new.

A famous element of Groening’s comedic writing style is his call-backs and references to his other shows. 

A perfect example of a reference to one of Groening’s most popular shows, “Futurama” happens early in the second season when Bean’s father, King Zog, voiced by John DiMaggio, says “Bite my shiny metal axe!” while in combat. This is a direct reference to the “Futurama” character Bender, also voiced by DiMaggio, whose catchphrase was “Bite my shiny metal a--!”

Viewers may find some of the other voices in “Disenchantment” familiar if they are fans of Groening’s other shows. Many actors who worked on “Futurama” and continue to work on “The Simpsons” lent their voices to “Disenchantment” as well. This includes series regulars such as Billy West, Maurice LaMarche and Tress MacNeille.

Season two picks up where season one left off, giving answers to season one’s unsolved questions within episodes one and two. The first half of season two is definitely the stronger half.

The weakest aspect of the new season overall is the few filler episodes. These episodes do very little to continue the story.

Luckily, season two does pick up again in the end by setting up the season three story arc and leaving fans with a cliffhanger as well as the return of an unlikely ally. 

If “Disenchantment” follows its release pattern, then viewers can expect season three to air sometime in late summer or early autumn of 2020.

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