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The second ISU AfterDark event of the semester will take place virtually and in person.

The second ISU AfterDark event of the semester will take place from 9 p.m to 1 a.m. Friday, both online and in person at the Memorial Union.

Borth virtual and live events will begin at 9 p.m with more events beginning throughout the evening. Online events include “Hamilton the Musical Dance Class” and “Beyonce Dance Class” that will be hosted by a New York City-based dance instructor. The virtual escape room “Tigerland” will be available throughout the evening. Due to the escape room’s time limit of one hour, the last group wanting to participate will be allowed to do so no later than midnight.

The celebrity guest at this ISU AfterDark event will be Demetrius Harmon, online Vine and YouTube personality and mental health advocate. A live virtual Zoom call will be held with Harmon beginning at 10 p.m. Those wanting to participate in any of the virtual AfterDark events must go to to find the appropriate links to click on.

Harmon is well known for his videos on Vine and YouTube, as well as for his mental health advocacy project, “You Matter.” “You Matter” spreads the awareness of mental health and offers a variety of branded products for sale on its awareness website. 

In person events being held at Memorial Union include a “Thinkfast Game Show,” bingo, workspace craft mini canvas, cybowl and billiards.

University guidelines apply to in person events at AfterDark. Face coverings must be worn unless actively eating and social distancing is required. All ISU AfterDark events are free.

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