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An ISU student celebrates winning $10,000 during David Dobriks appearance at ISU AfterDark August 30 after making a pong ball in a cup. Dobrik is a Youtube personality who is known for giving large gifts.

The Great Hall of the Memorial Union was packed full of frantic students trying to find seats to watch Youtube personality David Dobrik Friday night. 

Before welcoming Dobrik to the stage, the host for the night, Lester Mwirichia, warmed up the crowd by asking the audience to make as much noise as possible for Dobrik. Immediate standing ovations ensued as Dobrik walked out on stage with his camera, filming the crowd for his vlog.

Dobrik, wearing an Iowa State baseball hat, expressed that he already felt at home at Iowa State after being in Ames for one day.

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ISU Afterdark welcomed vlogger and Youtube personality David Dobrik to the Great Hall August 30 where Dobrik gave away $10,000.

“I feel like I go here now,” Dobrik said. “It’s a big nucleus of kids just hanging out.”

Mwirichia dove right into the heavy hitting questions by asking Dobrik about his past academic dishonesty in his schooling years.

“Don’t cheat or you’ll drop out,” Dobrik advised the audience, bringing laughter from the crowd. “I think just like anything in life, you have to make mistakes.” 

Moving onto Dobrik’s upcoming works, Dobrik talked about his upcoming series “America’s Most Musical Family” where Dobrik is a judge and determines which families stay in the competition every week.

“I’m a judge on the show and it’s basically a bunch of super talented families that come in,” Dobrik said. “It’s a bunch of different genres of music like pop, even polka, and death metal.”

Dobrik eventually welcomed the other members of the Vlog Squad out onto the stage with them where each of them gave some brief backstory as to how they met Dobrik.

Natalie Noel, the friend who has known Dobrik the longest, explained their first official meeting.

“We were next door neighbors,” Noel said. “The first three years we lived there, we never really spoke. But we really met walking home in sixth grade.”

Dobrik’s friends Jason Nash, Carly Incontro and Noel all brought laughter to the audience with their quick wit and stories about Dobrik.

Before the finale of Dobrik’s performance, Mwirichia gave the Vlog Squad some Iowa State spirit by dividing up the room and chanting “Cyclone Power!”

With both the crowd and the members of the Vlog Squad newly revved up, Dobrik explained the finale of his show where he pulled up three randomly selected members from the audience to perform a successful beer-pong shot for the prize of $10,000.

AfterDark 8/30 4

ISU Afterdark welcomed vlogger and Youtube personality David Dobrik to the Great Hall August 30 where Dobrik gave away $10,000.

Anticipation immediately filled the room as Noel and Dobrik reached into a bowl and pulled out the numbers of three lucky students.

After a few rounds of failed shots, one of the chosen students was successful in her shot and landed the $10,000 causing uproarious screams from everyone in the room, both on stage and off.

Dobrik then raised the stakes and said that if any of the members from the Vlog Squad could make the shot, then the other two students would get the prize money as well. Much to their disappointment, no one from the Squad was able to land it.

All was not lost though, as Dobrik and the other members of his team ended the night with a bang by dancing on stage with everyone in the audience crowding around them to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”.

Preceding Dobrik was comedian, actress, and musician Jackie Tohn. 

Tohn prematurely broke the ice by standing on the side of the stage, motioning to the crowd for more cheers and applause as she was being introduced by the Student Union Board (SUB) staff.

Jackie jumped right into her first song about her boyfriend.

Her lyrics, “Just ‘cause you left me doesn’t mean we’re broken up,” got the audience into a laughing mood right off the bat. 

In between her songs, Tohn talked with the crowd about her follow-up act, Dobrik, and how she found a new admiration for his work.

AfterDark 8/30 3

Comedian/actress Jackie Tohn kicks off the first Afterdark of the year in the Great Hall August 30.

“David Dobrik is one lucky boy,” Tohn said, causing cheers from all around the audience. “I saw on his Instagram when he looked like he was twelve and apparently he was going to prom but he literally looked like he was twelve. And the woman he was with… he has been getting hot girls forever.”

Following her first song, Tohn explained how her second song came about.

“My sister-in-law called me and is like, ‘Hey will you sing songs for my five-year-old niece’s kindergarten class?’,” Jackie said. “And I’m like, this is a terrible f****** idea.”

Tohn proceeded to sing about something she wishes she knew when she was little but didn’t learn until she was older.

“You’re gonna have a friend who’s always by your side. You’ll never have to look for him, one day he’ll just arrive,” Tohn said, building anticipation. “You’ll never be alone. Even if you try. Everyone will leave you but depression!”

In addition to her own original songs, Tohn performed some covers as well. Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” and TLC’s “No Scrubs” included.

Tohn’s finale covered Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” as the members of the audience turned on their phone flashlights to mimic lighters. 

Tohn left the audience more than warmed up for Dobrik’s performance. She also told the crowd to be sure to follow her on Instagram as she will follow them back.

Zeke Seuser, a Tohn and Dobrik fan answered what his favorite part of Tohn’s performance was. “When she came out with a guitar and sang about what’s relatable to us,” said Seuser, “She sings about what others are scared to talk about.”

The next ISU AfterDark of the semester will take place on Friday, Oct. 4th at 9p.m. in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union.

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