Cosplay pic

Spider-Man cosplayer Giovanni DeLaCruz doing a photoshoot with photographer Kyle Kostner.

Going through these unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t mean fun hobbies have to be put on hold. Plenty of pastimes are already COVID-friendly, including cosplay.

“Cosplay” is a portmanteau that combines “costume” with “play” — or “cosplay,” for short. The art of cosplay combines skills from many different creative outlets. Sewing, crafting, drawing, painting, modeling, photography and more are some of what falls under the cosplay umbrella. That being said, cosplay welcomes people of all different skill levels and backgrounds. This includes cosplay outfits and events that are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One popular event cosplayers attend are conventions. Anime, gaming and comic book conventions are some of the most popular. Sadly, large gatherings are no longer allowed, limiting the 2020 convention season heavily. Some events, however, are still safe for this pandemic season.

Photoshoots occur between at least one cosplayer and one photographer and allow both participants to express their creative sides. The photographer takes photos of the cosplayer to both expand their portfolio and put their editing skills to the test. Cosplayers also expand their portfolios by adding another cosplay to their lineup and obtaining new content to post on social media.

There are plenty of cosplays that are safe to wear due to the fact that they already have face coverings. Many characters, such as Batman, Darth Vader, Princess Mononoke and thousands of others already wear masks with their outfits. 

Even popular characters to cosplay who don’t wear masks, such as Disney princesses, can have a themed mask added to their outfit. This is where creativity comes through in cosplay. As much or as little artistic influence can be taken on for cosplay outfits.

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