A still image from one of Bladee and Mechtok's newest songs, "Rainbow."

Swedish rapper Bladee and German dance music producer Mechatok released a collaborative album called “Good Luck” on Dec. 10. This is the first full-length collaboration between the two. Bladee has lit 2020 aflame, with “Good Luck” being his third album release of the year, following April’s “Exeter” and July’s “333.” Despite his previous successes, Bladee’s most recent album is the first time this year he has left fans disappointed.

“Good Luck” starts off with “Intro,” a meandering piece of techno that is just fine. It is not remarkable in any way, but it’s an intro; it doesn’t need to be remarkable. Intro tracks serve to set the tone for an album. “Intro” does so in an unusual way — not only does it set the tone for the album sonically, but it gives listeners a look into the quality of music to follow: unremarkable.

The following track is one of two highlights on the album, “Rainbow.” This is a glimpse of what really could have been on this project. Bladee’s versatile vocals work with Mechatok’s production so well here, and it makes fans wonder why the rest of the album didn’t match up to “Rainbow.” 

Later in the track list comes “Drama,” the lead single from the project. It’s fun, it’s bouncy, it has personality; and Mechatok’s production works here. The mix is good — Bladee sounds inspired and at his best vocally on this track. It may be one of Bladee’s better songs in his entire discography.

If this album was only two songs, it would be the album of the year. Unfortunately for Bladee, there are eight. The rest of the album is formless, kind of just blending together into a muddy mess of poor mixing, generic production and lifeless performances from Bladee. The highs of this record are few and far between, and while the lows are not necessarily bad songs, they’re just boring. They elicit no emotional response, and that serves as the downfall of “Good Luck.”

Final Verdict: 5/10

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